Join us online for did:hack, a decentralized identity hackathon! Our opening event is June 5th. You’ll have the opportunity to work on projects throughout the week with our closing event on June 8th.

Beginner to Decentralized Identity? Don’t worry! We’ll start the event with an introduction on concepts such as DIDs, Verifiable Credentials, and what it means to own and control your own digital identity.

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🎉 What this hackathon is about

did:hack is an open event for people to learn, collaborate, and think creatively about how decentralized identity technology can be leveraged to improve digital interactions in the future.

This event is designed to be inclusive to individuals from all backgrounds no matter their technical skills, professional experience or familiarity with decentralized identity.

Where will this hackathon take place?

did:hack will take place entirely online through Discord. We will have a main stage area for the opening and closing ceremony along with breakout voice channels for more intimate sessions.

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Goals for this event:

  • Bring the community together
  • Build something together
  • Spread awareness and grow adoption of decentralized identity (DIDs, VCs, etc.)
  • Have an opportunity to learn / experience
  • Contribute to open source

Thank you to our sponsors

Dock Spruce Aviary Tech

And our partners

Decentralized Identity Foundation Women Who Code

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