Hackathon Rules

  • Theme/Focus: All things SSI related. See Project Ideas for ideas if you’re struggling to come up with something.
  • Teams: Teams can be created at any time and can range from 1-5 people. If your team has more than 5 people we cannot guarantee everyone will receive an award.
  • Original Work: All work submitted must be original and created during the hackathon. Participants should avoid reusing previously developed projects or significant portions of code. However, participants are encouraged to utilize publicly available libraries, frameworks, and APIs, including those provided by our esteemed sponsors.
  • Be Respectful: You know what it means. If the organizers decide you are not following this simple rule, then we hold the right to remove you from the hackathon.

Submissions and Presentations:

All teams are encouraged to share what they worked on during the hackathon.

No project is too unfinished!


  • To be eligible to win you must submit and present your project. You must declare your intention to present by Midnight (PST) June 7, 2023 in the sign-up-to-present! discord channel. Then submit your project through this Form by 4pm (PST) June 8, 2023.
  • Winning submissions will be clear and concise.
  • While not required, any links to source code will help with reviewing submissions.


  • If you want to present your project then you must declare by Midnight (PST) June 7, 2023 through the discord channel sign-up-to-present!. Depending on the number of submissions we will decide the maximum time per presentation. As a general rule of thumb shoot for 3 minutes.
  • Presentations will be occur at: 5pm (PST) June 8, 2023.
  • Your presentation can either be done live, or be a prerecorded video.

Awards 🏆:

  • To reiterate you must submit your project by 4pm (PST) June 8, 2023 to be eligible to win through the link above.
  • Awards will be different types of special did:hack swag.
  • The organizers will contact the winners to get shipment details.

Project Ideas:

Below are just a few prompts to get you thinking about the space and the problems within. Your projects do not have to satisfy these prompts.

Start with Use Cases

  • Browsing the internet feels anything but private these days due to constant surveillance, data breaches, and lack of control. How can decentralized identity be leveraged to ensure privacy and protect our identities when we’re interacting online?
  • More than 1.1 billion people have no official, legally-recognized identity which prevents access to everything from basic services to banking, education, and more. How can decentralized identity technology empower these individuals?
  • The metaverse enables new digital experiences that require new ways of using and sharing our digital identities. How can we leverage decentralized identity technology to enhance how we interact in the metaverse?

Start with Features

  • How would you create a new digital identity for the future that is shareable and private?
  • What is the best way to render a Verifiable Credential in a product considering both technical requirements and user experience?
  • How can biometrics be incorporated into the issuance and/or verification process for Verifiable Credentials?

Judging Criteria

Fundamentals - How well does the solution consider and showcase concepts core to decentralized identity?

Functionality - Is this a solution that can be realistically implemented? To what extent has the team attempted to demonstrate functionality?

Usefulness - Is the solution practical and useful? Does the solution consider real-world adoption?

Creativity - How innovative is the solution?


Discord Welcome Channel

Discord Event Main Stage

Does my project need to be open source to be eligible for submission?

Not at all. With the caveat that you will still need to submit something to win.