What is Decentralized Identity:

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What are the core technologies of Decentralized Identity:

Asymmetric Encryption:

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Decentralized Identity Documents(DIDs):

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Verfiable Credentials:

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Ecosystems and Products

By no means are these the only ecosystems built on and expanding the technologies above. But these are a good place to start and there will be plenty of help from mentors of these ecosystems throughout the hackathon.

Dock provides a platform for issuing, managing and verifying Verifiable Credentials that leverages the Dock blockchain network. Dock enables organizations to easily integrate Verifiable Credentials into existing systems or new applications using Dock’s no-code UI, API and mobile wallet sdk, as well as provides advanced tooling for issuing credentials using ZKPs, delegatable credentials, and credential traceability. By working with organizations in both traditional and web3 industries, Dock is fostering a more secure, trusted and efficient digital landscape.

Aviary Tech aims to build a more equitable internet by leveraging emerging technologies, including Bitcoin Ordinals, to eliminate the need for trust in intermediaries. The platform offers customizable software for organizations to securely issue credentials and share information, utilizing Verifiable Credentials to prevent data tampering. Aviary Tech ensures end-to-end security, seamless cross-border collaboration, and privacy by default. For individuals, it provides self-sovereign digital identifiers, giving users control over their online identity and data sharing. Encrypted messages remain strictly peer-to-peer, ensuring communication privacy and security.